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28 Sep

What are the chances that 100% of the people arriving today had their luggage (and paddling gear) lost somewhere in transit?

OK, I admit, 100% of three paddlers is not many people but still, they all came in without their bags. It is a bit stressful to think you could be travelling all the way from USA and Australia and not being able to paddle because your luggage was lost. 

The good thing is that we have all paddling gear available for you:

  • Surfski
  • Paddle
  • Leash
  • Wetsuit 
  • Safety orange t-shirt

You are pretty much setup to go even if you arrive just with your hand luggage. 

Downwind theory first, downwind practice next

The morning looked pretty flat with some small breaking waves at the beach - perfect for some surf zone fun. 

In the afternoon the forecast was showing some sweet runs moving downstream in the Strait of Gibraltar.  I recommend windy.com as a good source of downwind data.

So we went to the classroom/ Batman cave for some downwind strategy. It is always good to have a clear picture what you are aiming to do on water. Otherwise shouting instructions in the wind is not very productive.

Make the most out of it

After well deserved siesta it was time to go. We were ready for an adventure and the wind...well...the wind wasn't ready as much as we were. 

The plan was to take the double for me and Sasha and let the rest go in single surfskis.

As usual we agreed to stay together and also get together every now and then to make sure everyone was doing OK.

The conditions were very flat at the start and we only got some nice runs at the last 5-6 km. It wasn't what I expected from the forecast. 

It is in moments like this when you could remember that there are always other things to enjoy when the conditions end up slower than expected.

I reflected, how awesome it was to be able to share this experience with people from different parts of the world. We were an American, a Spanish, two Australians and a Bulgarian cruising along at the most southern point of Europe between Europe and Africa also flowing form the Atlantic Ocean into the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally some waves!

It was time to paddle toward Getares, get back in the Surfski Van and drive back to Tarifa for some well deserved rest...because tomorrow the westerly is on again and this time it looks like the waves will be on from the start!


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