experience the downwind surfski paradise!

Become a Downwind Zen Master by taking on the challenges below

Bajeta Master

Tackle the strong currents, up to 10 km per hour, and messy waves at Bajeta tidal race. It is located 3 km offshore and it works best at a full moon and no wind.

Levante Master

This is the challenge of doing a downwind from Tarifa to Bolonia during a full blown Levante (Easterly) wind 25-35 knots. When you time it with the current the conditions are flowing. Doing it against the current is for the most daring downwind enthusiasts.

Strait of Gibraltar Master

This is the most magnificent downwind paddle in Tarifa. The beauty of the strait is real and the challenge just as much. You will have to time it right as the currents flow in different directions making it both challenging and interesting to do.

Zen Master

You have become a Zen Master once you have completed the Bajeta, Levante and Strait of Gibraltar challenges. Of course being a zen master is not only a matter of skills but also a demonstration of positive attitude toward the other paddlers. You show you care about having fun just as much as the well being of your paddling buddies. You are ready to take responsibility and become a leader when someone else is struggling. That's what makes you a real Zen Master.

There is always something fun to do in Tarifa

Do you want to get better with your paddling?
  • Do you want to be more stable in rough conditions?
  • Do you want to surf longer while spending less energy downwind?
  • Do you want to get better at reading the waves?
  • Are you looking for effective ways to improve your safety on water?
  • Do you want to learn how to prevent injuries and improve longevity in paddling?
  • Do you want to have more confidence paddling through the surf zone?


Downwind Zen Master

I am your downwind guide and the person who will be there for you on water anytime and anywhere.


Professional Downwind Shuttle Bunny

I take care of your equipment, safety gear and shuttle to / from paddling. Count on me to get things organised so you could kick back, relax and enjoy your surfski holiday.


Mini-Zen Master

I will help with skills and techniques demonstration (especially in the surf zone as I am a bit lazy to paddle long distances). Occasionally I will join the team for a downwind paddle or a foiling session together.


Demolition Expert

I specialise in the destruction of various kinds of items and equipment. I help the rest of the family by keeping their reflexes and quick reactions at a high level. I might occasionally pull your hair but don't get angry - this is how I show affection.



I pretend to be a guard dog and in reality I am just hanging out with this gang for food, walks and other extras.

The maximum number of paddlers in a group booking are 6 people. Depending on demand we may have anything between 2 and 6 paddlers.  
You could make private bookings for January, July and August. The rest of the time is reserved for group bookings.
Short answer: 

Expanded answer: 
Yes, we are open all year, although from 1st July until 31st August we only offer private and semi-private bookings due to more restricted beach access and parking space. Tarifa is at its high season each summer and logistics is a challenge if we had to use a trailer.
If you are traveling alone and you wish to be included in a group booking, we will do our best to accommodate you with a group of similar paddling abilities. If we couldn't find suitable group or there are no other paddlers who wish to join you for the dates you have selected, you would have to change the booking to private and the invoiced amount will be adjusted accordingly. 

Another alternative is to pay for a private booking and we would refund the difference if we found a suitable paddler/ paddlers to join you on the same dates.
Every surfski booking gives you access to use the following equipment:

  • Surfski (NK, Nelo, Fenn, Epic)
  • Paddle (Jantex, Epic, Gara)
  • Leash (Vaikobi, Ocean & Earth)
  • PFD (Vaikobi, Baltic)
  • Long John Wet Suit (1.5 or 3.0 mm) Vaikobi, GUL, SC
  • Wind Breaker Top (Vaikobi)
  • Poncho towel (Vaikobi)
  • TracTrac GPS tracker
  • Retivis RT622 / RT22 walkie talkies
  • Bright coloured t-shirt for paddling
We have available surfskis from Nordic Kayaks, Nelo, Fenn and Epic Kayaks:

  • Epic V8 Ultra (6)
  • Epic V9 Ultra (2)
  • Epic V8 Double Ultra (1)
  • Fenn Bluefin S Glass Vacuum (3)
  • Fenn XT S Glass Vacuum (1)
  • Fenn Swordfish S Glass Vacuum (1)
  • Fenn Bonito Glass Vacuum (1)
  • Nelo 540 XXL (1)
  • Nelo 520 ML (1)
  • Nelo 520 L (1)
  • Nelo 520 XXL (1)
  • Nelo 550 ML (1)
  • Nelo 600 Double (1)
  • NK Club 540 (4)
  • NK Squall 580 (1)
  • NK Excrize (1)
The surfski models we most often use are Nelo 520, NK Club 540, Epic V8 and Fenn Bluefin depending on your level of stability and competence in open water paddling you may chose to use Nelo 540, Epic V9, Fenn Swordfish or Fenn XT.

We have available for you Jantex and Epic paddles:

  • Jantex Gama 640 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (2)
  • Jantex Gama 660 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (2)
  • Jantex Gama 700 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (1)
  • Jantex Gama 720 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (1)
  • Epic Small Mid Wing Full Carbon 205 - 215 cm (9)
  • Gara Odin 720 light carbon shaft 205 - 215 cm (1)
We have available Vaikobi and Baltic PFDs:

  • Vaikobi VXP (XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL)
  • Baltic Canoe Hydro (one size fits all)

Short answer:
April, May, June, September, October, November

Expanded answer:
Tarifa has approximately 320 - 330 windy days per year and the days without wind are spread around in an unpredictable pattern. With other words, based on the statistics shown in Windfinder website, you stand 76% to experience wind 24+ knots all year around. Sometimes the wind could also be too much. In any case our commitment is to find the best conditions for each day so you could get the most of your time in Tarifa. 
In general the best time to visit Tarifa is April - June and September - November. The weather is warm and the days are longer, which gives us more flexibility with the paddling hours and conditions. 

Short answer: 

Expanded answer:
We don't offer equipment rental. Tarifa is an amazing downwind destination and at the same time it could be unpredictable (especially without local knowledge).

The boats could easily get damaged or lost out at sea and damages occur even during our sessions.

For that reason the risk vs. benefit ratio in surfski rental is not good and we are not willing to risk severe damage or total loss of a surfski(s), which we may need for our activities on the water in the following days.

Our accident and 3rd party insurance doesn't cover rentals and surfski rentals is not even included in the company activities/ permits.

All options include full paddling equipment, instructor, insurance and transport to / from downwind


  • Your booking is considered confirmed when we have received full payment. Unpaid bookings are not considered confirmed. Please do not make travel and accommodation arrangements before the booking process has been completed.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE - please consider taking a travel insurance for your trip. You should be able to fid a package covering the expenses related to your trip to Tarifa in case you had to cancel unexpectedly. We highly recommend this option so you travel with a peace of mind. 
  • In order to attend Surfski Center Tarifa activities you need to be a competent swimmer. Swimming skills are important safety requirement when paddling out at sea. Swimming will also help you learn easier and be more relaxed in the open water environment. 
  • Our number one safety rule states that you have to be able to swim to shore from any point on the intended paddling route.
  • Since January 2022 there is a mandatory 25 EUR rescue insurance/ card per person per visit. This amount goes directly to searescue.es who are providing our on-water safety. 
  • Prices per person for a group booking (full day): 4 days and more the amount is 150 EUR per day, for 2 - 3 days booking it is 200 EUR per day and for 1 day booking it is 250 EUR per day.
  • Prices per person for a group booking (half day): 4 days and more the amount is 115 EUR per day, for 2 - 3 days booking it is 140 EUR per day and for 1 day booking it is 190 EUR per day. 
  • Private bookings are open for February, July, August and December at 295 EUR per day. 
  • In the summer months between 15th June and 15th September our maximum capacity is 2 paddlers due to logistical challenges involving parking a van with a trailer at a busy parking place.

Your first paddling day
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