Downwind Zen Master

I am your downwind guide and the person who will be there for you on water anytime and anywhere.


Professional Downwind Shuttle Bunny

I take care of your equipment, safety gear and shuttle to / from paddling. Count on me to get things organised so you could kick back, relax and enjoy your surfski holiday.


Mini-Zen Master

I will help with skills and techniques demonstration (especially in the surf zone as I am a bit lazy to paddle long distances). Occasionally I will join the team for a downwind paddle or a foiling session together.


Demolition Expert

I specialise in the destruction of various kinds of items and equipment. I help the rest of the family by keeping their reflexes and quick reactions at a high level. I might occasionally pull your hair but don't get angry - this is how I show affection.



I pretend to be a guard dog and in reality I am just hanging out with this gang for food, walks and other extras.