The maximum number of paddlers in a group booking are 6 people. Depending on demand we may have anything between 2 and 6 paddlers.  
You could make private bookings for December, January, June (after 20th), July, August, September (until 15th). The rest of the time is reserved for group bookings.
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Yes, we are open all year, although from 20th June until 15th September we only offer private and semi-private bookings due to more restricted beach access and parking space. Tarifa is at its high season each summer and logistics is a challenge if we had to use a trailer.
If you are traveling alone and you wish to be included in a group booking, we will do our best to accommodate you with a group of similar paddling abilities. If we couldn't find suitable group or there are no other paddlers who wish to join you for the dates you have selected, you would have to change the booking to private and the invoiced amount will be adjusted accordingly. 

Another alternative is to pay for a private booking and we would refund the difference if we found a suitable paddler/ paddlers to join you on the same dates.
We have available:

  • Epic V8 Ultra (6)
  • Epic V9 Ultra (2)
  • Epic V8 Double Ultra (1)
  • Fenn Bluefin S Glass Vacuum (3)
  • Fenn XT S Glass Vacuum (1)
  • Fenn Swordfish S Glass Vacuum (1)
  • Fenn Bonito Glass Vacuum (1)
  • Nelo 540 XXL (1)
  • Nelo 520 ML (1)
  • Nelo 520 L (1)
  • Nelo 520 XXL (1)
  • Nelo 550 ML (1)
  • Nelo 600 Double (1)
The surfski models we most often use are Nelo 520, Epic V8 and Fenn Bluefin depending on your level of stability and competence in open water paddling you may chose to use Nelo 540, Epic V9, Fenn Swordfish or Fenn XT.

We have available for you Jantex and Epic paddles:

  • Jantex Gama 640 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (2)
  • Jantex Gama 660 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (2)
  • Jantex Gama 700 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (1)
  • Jantex Gama 720 Super Flex Shaft 205 - 215 cm (1)
  • Epic Small Mid Wing Full Carbon 205 - 215 cm (9)
Short answer:
April, May, June, September, October, November

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Tarifa has approximately 320 - 330 windy days per year and the days without wind are spread around in an unpredictable pattern. With other words, based on the statistics shown in Windfinder website, you stand 76% to experience wind 24+ knots all year around. Sometimes the wind could also be too much. In any case our commitment is to find the best conditions for each day so you could get the most of your time in Tarifa. 
In general the best time to visit Tarifa is April - June and September - November. The weather is warm and the days are longer, which gives us more flexibility with the paddling hours and conditions. 

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Expanded answer:
We don't offer equipment rental. Tarifa is an amazing downwind destination and at the same time it could be unpredictable (especially without local knowledge).

The boats could easily get damaged or lost out at sea and damages occur even during our sessions.

For that reason the risk vs. benefit ratio in surfski rental is not good and we are not willing to risk severe damage or total loss of a surfski(s), which we may need for our activities on the water in the following days.

Our accident and 3rd party insurance doesn't cover rentals and surfski rentals is not even included in the company activities/ permits.