Become a Downwind Zen Master by taking on the challenges below

Bajeta Master

Tackle the strong currents, up to 10 km per hour, and messy waves at Bajeta tidal race. It is located 3 km offshore and it works best at a full moon and no wind.

Levante Master

This is the challenge of doing a downwind from Tarifa to Bolonia during a full blown Levante (Easterly) wind 25-35 knots. When you time it with the current the conditions are flowing. Doing it against the current is for the most daring downwind enthusiasts.

Strait of Gibraltar Master

This is the most magnificent downwind paddle in Tarifa. The beauty of the strait is real and the challenge just as much. You will have to time it right as the currents flow in different directions making it both challenging and interesting to do.

Zen Master

You have become a Zen Master once you have completed the Bajeta, Levante and Strait of Gibraltar challenges. Of course being a zen master is not only a matter of skills but also a demonstration of positive attitude toward the other paddlers. You show you care about having fun just as much as the well being of your paddling buddies. You are ready to take responsibility and become a leader when someone else is struggling. That's what makes you a real Zen Master.