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To paddle or not to paddle?

"Hey, Boyan, why do you insist on bracing when surfing the waves?

In our surfski community, where everyone is more or less in it for the racing and going faster, they say that you shouldn't brace because you slow down.

I want to go fast but i also want to surf the waves. What do you think?"

This is a very common question/ objection when surfski paddlers are introduced to the "zen master" downwind technique.

Ask yourself:

"If I could make the exact same amount of money by resting as I would do by working, would I still work?"

You could even push a little further by asking:

"If I could make more money by resting instead of working, would I still chose to work?"

The whole idea of downwind paddling is to develop your skills and abilities to make the conditions work for you instead of you having to fight the waves and the wind.

Here is a video from Tarifa during pretty nice Levante wind with steep and easy to catch waves. No paddling needed for 1