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Don't change a winning formula!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The conditions were forcasted very similar to what we had yesterday, 15-20 knots wind and current flowing with us, so we naturally decided to go for another downwind in the Strait of Gibraltar.

This time the plan was to practice some "Zen Master" downwind techniques with the double. You know what they say:

Double surfski = Fun x 2

Can we make it as a team together?

There was only one potential problem to resolve - we had a new paddler joining in and I had to make sure he would be able to handle the 23 - 24 km paddle in the afternoon.

The solution was to do a test session in the morning and determine if the paddle in the Strait was still a good idea. We went on the water for an hour as the wind and the waves were starting to pick up. The idea was to see how the basics skills were:

  • Remount

  • 3 strokes and brace technique

  • General paddling abilities

  • Catching a wave at the beach

  • Downwind skills

  • Paddling side on to the waves