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Which phone is better?

This is an article about the trade offs between practical functionality and features in mobile phones...well actually...surfskis.

We had just have a nice discussion on surfski stability with the guys from "Los Cabrones del Surfski" club in Valencia.

The point that I made was that there is no reason to paddle an unstable surfski if your paddling speed for an hour time trial is doable comfortably with a slower (read as "more stable surfski").

What is the connection between surfski models and phone models?

Here is an example:

A paddler paddles an Epic V10 surfski at approximately 9 km/h average speed in one hour. This speed is 100% achievable in slower surfski models without much (any) difference in effort.

(I know more about Epic surfskis but this consept is valid for any other brand.)

When you paddle your surfski forward and you start to accelerate each surfski model will more or less respond in a similar way when you apply more effort to your paddle. More effort will generally mean more speed.

But at some point (speed level) each surfski model will start climbing its own bow wave and from then on you will need significantly more effort in order to continue to accelerate.