Booking Process:


File a booking form to outline your paddling goals.  


We will get back to you with availability and/or clarification questions.


Arrange payment to confirm your booking. 

Important Information:

  • Your booking is considered confirmed when we have received full payment. Unpaid bookings are not considered confirmed. Please do not make travel and accommodation arrangements before the booking process has been completed.

  • In order to attend our surfski center you need to be a competent swimmer. Swimming skills are important safety requirement when paddling out at sea. Swimming will also help you learn easier and be more relaxed in the open water environment. 

  • Our number one safety rule states that we have to be able to swim to shore from any point on the intended paddling route.

  • Prices per person for a group booking (full day): 4 days and more the amount is 125 EUR per day, for 2 - 3 days booking it is 200 EUR per day and for 1 day booking it is 250 EUR per day.

  • Prices per person for a group booking (half day): 4 days and more the amount is 95 EUR per day, for 2 - 3 days booking it is 140 EUR per day and for 1 day booking it is 190 EUR per day. 

  • Private bookings are open for February, November and December. 

  • In the summer months between 15th June and 15th September our maximum capacity is 3 paddlers due to logistical challenges involving parking a van with a trailer at a busy parking place.


Booking Form:

80% booked up for the period March - June 2020

100% booked up for the period September - December 2019


Turismo Activo Registration: AT/CA/00241

Tarifa 1380, Spain


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mobile: +34 683 512 653

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